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About Me

"Crazy"...that's what my father called me. Twenty five years ago I decided to move to Boston without ever visiting or having any idea what I would do for a living. Today, I look back fondly at what I have accomplished, not only professionally but personally. Who would have thought a gay kid from a chicken farm in South Carolina would one day be selling high end real estate? God Bless America.


These days, while not getting traffic tickets, I like to explore Boston and the surrounding areas. In the summer months you will find me haggling with the vendors over fresh produce at the Haymarket.  Winter allows me to hit the slopes. The South End is where I make my home in Boston. It's a neighborhood entrenched with historic brick row houses and some kick ass dining options. It's also home to my office, which opens its doors to local artists to display their work throughout the year.  If you are reading this, swing by! The wine is chilling. 

Let's Talk

519 Tremont St

Boston, MA 02116


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